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Shandong Sinolion Machinery Corp Ltd was established in 2006 Before that we are already producing stretch wrappers and conveyors with various design Sinolion machinery has the profession engineering team and production base to serve the customers We have supplied machines for well known brands from industries of water beverage logistics chemical construction material and paper etc The machines can be customized Up till now we have developed many new systems like palletizer strapper paper corner applicator and carton sealer etc We are already ready to serve you with our best

Categories and Products

Wrapping Machine

T Series Pallet Wrapping Machine

Semi-auto turntable pallet stretch film wrapping machine Friction pallet stretching wrapping machine Fully automatic pallet stretch film wrapping machine Automatic Film Button Wrapping Machine Stable Film Stretch Wrap Machine High speed Economic Semi-auto Stretch Wrapper Customized Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine Economic Auto Stretch Film Wrapper Low investment pallet load stretch wrapping system Friction Brake Stretch Wrapping Machines Automatic Pallet Shrink Wrapping Machine Turntable Pallet Shrink Wrap Machine Standard friction pallet stretch equipment Easy operation pallet wrapping equipment Automatic pallet stretch film wrapping machine Fully Automatic Pallet Online Stretch Wrapper Semi Automatic Stretch Bottle Tray Wrapping Machine Electric Stretch Film Food Wrapping Machine High Quality Stretching Film Pallet Wrap Machine Customer Made Small Food Packaging Machine 

R Series Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapping Machine

Fully Auto rotary arm wrapping machine Semi-auto rotary arm lldpe stretch wrapper Fully Automatic Rotary Arm Wrapper Semi-auto arm rotary wrapping machine High Efficient Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapping Machine Heavy Duty Rotary-arm Wrapping Machine Fully Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper rotary arm wrapper with paper corner applicator Rotary-arm wrapping machine with paper corner applicator High Efficiency Fully Auto Rotary Pallet Wrapper Automatic Rotate Arm Pallet Stretch Wrapper Good Quality Carton Box Stretch Wrapper Automatic Stretch Film Wrap Packing Machine Arm Stretch Wrapper Stretch Film Arm Wrapping Machine Automatic Arm Stretch Pallet Packing Machine Ram Stretch Wrapper Pallet Packing Machine Arm Stretch Wrapper Pallet Packing Machine Rotary Arm Stretch Pallet Packing Machine Standard Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper Popular Rotary Arm Pallet Packing Machine Platen 

FM Series Sheet Dispenser

Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapping Machine 

H Series Ring Stretch Wrapping Machine

Tyres Packing Ring Coil Wrapping Machine Standard Horizontal Stretch Wrapper Ring type stretch wrapping machine Ring wrapping machine for ring shape products 

S Series Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine

Automatic Horizontal Stretch Film Wrapping Machine High speed Good PVC Profile Wrapping Machine Online shopping Pipe Flow Bale Wrap Machine New Launched Horizontal Pipe Flow Tape Wrap Machine CE approved Steel Pipe Flow Pack Wrapper Machine Horizontal Vertical Flow Wrapper Packing Machine Durable Horizontal Stretch Wrapper Great Durable Horizontal Stretch Wrapper Horizontal stretch wrapper for long products Automatic horizontal ring wrapping machine 

Reel Stretch Wrapper

Reel Stretch Wrapper with Top Platen Device Automatic Pallet and Reel Stretch Wrapper Cylinder Type Semi Automatic Paper Roll Wrapper Pre-stretch Roll Wrap Packing Machine Electric Tray Wrapper Shrink Packaging Newest Design Tray Online Type Winding Machine Radial reel wrapping machine for paper roll New Style Cling Film Roll Packing Machine P500 Mini Reel Wrapper Mini Reel Wrapper Wrapping Machine Reel Wrapper Fully Wrapping Machine For Paper Roll Reel Wrapper Paper Roll Wrapping Machine Standard Mimi Stretch Wrapping Machine Packing Machine Paper Reel Stretch Wrapper Paper reel wrapping machine Y2000F Reel Stretch Wrapper for Paper roll Stretch film wrapping machine for paper reel Automatic wrapping machine for cylinder shape product 

Turntable-free Stretch Wrapping Machine

Turntable-free Mini Stretch Wrapper Popular Mobile Pallet Wrapping Machine Mobile Wrapper Pallet Packing Machine Economic type Wrapper Pallet Packing Machine 

Luggage Wrapping Machine

Pre-stretch Luggage Wrapping Machine Pre Stretch Automatic Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine Semi-auto Stretch packing machine for Airport Wholesaler Customied Stretch Shrink Wrapping Machine Colunte Most Film Wrapping Packing Machine CE Approved Machine Pallet Wrap Machine New condition Stretch Film Luggage Packing Machine Airport Automatic Luggage Wrapping Machines Airport PLC Luggage Wrapping Machines Hotel Panel Baggage Wrapping Machines Stretch Film Luggage Box Packaging Machine Transparent Film Luuggage Pneumatic Packaging Machine CE Approved Luggage Pack Film Strectch Wrapper Luggage Wrapping Machine Luggage Packing Machine Standard Luggage Wrapping Machine Economy Standard Luggage Wrapping Machine Small box stretch wrapper 

Nt Series Wrapper

Popular Mini Stretch Wrapper Mini Non Turntable Stretch Wrapper 

Strapping Machine

Vertical Strapping Machine

Fully Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine with CE Automatic Wrapping Machine with TITAN head Pallet Automatic Cartons Strapping Machine Automatic Industrial Carton Strapping Machine High efficiency Automatic Balers Strapping Machine Full-automatic Pallet Banding Strapping Machine Low Table Strapping Machine Strapper Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine Strapper Standard Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine Automatic strapper with TITAN Germany strapping head Auto pallet strapping machine 

Horizontal Strapping Machine

Horizontal Full-automatic Strapping Machine for Pallet Advanced Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine Eficiency Electric Carton Box Strapping Machine Lower Table Carton Box Baling Strapping machine Fully Automatic Balers Carton Machine Full Automatic Strapping Machine with PLC control Standard Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine Auto pallet wrapping strapping corner application system High-efficiency horizontal pallet strapping machine SKH-1212 

Conveyor System

Chain Board Conveyor

High Duty Automatic Chain Plate Conveyor 

Chain Conveyor

Chain Transport Sprocket Conveyor Equipment Customized Chain Conveyor Machine Large Capacity Scraper Chain Conveyor High Efficiency Scraper Chain Conveyor 

Roller Conveyor

Horizontal Package Roller Conveyor Machine New condition Moving Roller Conveyor CE Standard Moving Conveyor Roller Machine Standard steel Moving Roller Conveyor Equipment Multi-directional Omni Wheel Roller Conveyor Assembly Line High efficiency Industrial Package Roller Conveyor Popular Conveying System Conveyor Most Popular Conveying System Conveyor 

Case Erection And Sealing Machine

Carton Sealer

Semi-auto Carton Sealing Machine Small Semi Automatic Sealing Machine Easy Maintenance Carton Box Sealing Machine Adjustable Sealing and Packaging Machine Pneumatic Automatic Carton Box Sealing Machine Electric Type Adhesive Box Sealing Machine Top and Bottom Driven Case Sealer Machine High capacity Carton Sealing Tapping Machine Economic Quick Automatic Sealing Machine Wide application Strapping Seal Making Machine Side Drive Automatic Carton Sealing Tapping Machine carton and box sealer 

Case Unpacker

Automatic Carton Erector Machine Semi Automatic Carton Erector Machine Industrial Erector Machine for carring textile rolls Semi Auto Carton Box Erector Machine Powerful Carton Forming Erecting Machine Semi-automatic Carton Erecting Unpacking Machine 

Heat Sealing And Shrinking Machine

Automatic HeatTransparent tape sealing machine 


Palletizing Machine

Industrial Automatic Palletizing Robot Automatic pallet dispenser for wrapper and packing system 

Drum Balancer

Industry Drum Handling Manipulator 

Land Type Hard Arm Manipulator

Industry Mobile Handling Manipulator 

Soft Cable Type Manipulator

Industry Portable Fixed Manipulator Arm 

Suspension Type Manipulator

Bag Pneumatic Manipulator Arm for lifting goods 

Pillar Type Manipulator

Pillar type Box Handling Manipulator for Lathe Industrial Portable Pneumatic Manipulator Arm Pillar type Bag Handling Manipulator Customized Industry Manipulator Arm for Bags Electricity Manipulator Arm for the automotive industry Industrial Mechanical Manipulator for packaging line 

Paper Roll Conveyors & Wrapping Machine

Stop Sorting Deck

Paper Roll Wrapping and Conveying System 

V-type Slat Conveyor

Paper Reel Conveyor Handling System 


Paper roll turntable for the paper mill 


Electric Driven Paper Roll Conveyor Machine 

Auto Code Spray Machine

Auto Paper Packaging Spew Code Machine 

Roll Identify System

Automatic Paper Roll Identify System 

Paper Roll Auto Strapping Machine

Paper Roll Automatic Strapping Machine 

Roll Upender

Paper Roll Upender for Clamp Truck 

Roll Upender Elevator

Auto Paper Roll Upender Elevator 

Roll Vertical Elevator

Auto Paper Roll Vertical Elevator 

Movable Kicker

Easy operation Paper Roll Movable Kicker 

Pallet Slat Conveyor

Automatic Paper Pallet Slat Conveyor 

Project System

Flour packaging wrapping solution Fully-Auto Packaging Solution For Kitchen and Bath 

Carton Sealer

Carton Sealer For Box 

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