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Use and maintenance of stretch wrapping machine

As a common stretch wrapper, which has higher use frequency and can be greatly improved working efficiency by wrapping machines. To be honest, wrapping machines will also cause some wear and tear during the long process of use. It is necessary for us to understand some maintenance knowledge so that we can use the Wrapping Machine more smoothly. Now let me introduce some maintenance knowledge of wrapping machine!

Tools / raw materials:pallet wrapping machine

A wrapping machine

some lubricating oil

Methods / steps:

1. Stretch Wrapping Machine should be kept lubricated between the inner and outer chains of the film carriage. If the diaphragm moves up and down, it can be eliminated by tensioning the chain.

2. When the Turntable slows or slip, at first open the turntable motor cover, loosen four connecting bolts in gear mounting plate, and then clockwise adjust two tensioning bolt to achieve the required tension, we should adjust the chain tension during the machine in continuous use 10-15 days.

3. We should be as smooth as possible gently handle when placing the goods packing, so as not to make the chassis deformation or shorten the life of parts.

4. Lift, chassis and film carriage driven by the worm gear to complete the governor, in the process of use, please click the use requirements: 1) using reducer immersion lubrication, immersion depth on the side or the worm in the turbine under, for worm gear height above the outer diameter of the worm; for 1/3; 2) a mirror for oil oil lens 1/2, center distance a=63mm proposed 400ml; 3) 7-14 days after the operation must be replaced with new oil, after each year to replace 1 times; 4) environmental temperature should be below 0 degrees -40-+40 degrees, the lubricating oil with low freezing point; 5) gear reducer with grease recovery the replacement of oil, without the use of the process, or according to the actual situation of the replacement.

5. The goods shall not exceed the design wrapping height, otherwise it will affect the wrapping effect.

6. The goods should be placed in the scope of the turntable. Of course we control it be within 100mm or in accordance with the actual space of the machine operation is ok, otherwise it may damage the machine.

7. We should be closed electrical cabinets, regular cleaning, check electrical components and electrical connections, in order to ensure the normal use of equipment.

Pay attention to!

Stretch wrapping machine is the same as the other machines, as long hours of use will cause certain wear and tear, if not pay attention to maintenance, not only will increase the frequency of failure, but also shorten the service life of wrapping machine.

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