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Safety protection work of wrapping machine

Wrapping Machine is easy to operate and easy to understand in packaging machinery, so its safety protection work is often neglected. This also has some hidden dangers to the manufacturers. How should safely protect wrapping machines be done? Please check the following:

friction stretch wrapper & pre-stretch wrapper

First of all, after the wrapping machine into the factory, the need for fixed personnel responsible for the use and management of wrapping machines.

Secondly, the training of machine performance and safety operation must be carried out before use.

1. Check whether the electrical equipment is grounded or not.

2. Check whether the air pressure is normal or not.

3. When opening the stretch film, holding the stretch film hand not close to the mechanical transmission part.

4. Do not touch the live switch by wet hands.

5. Do not touch the motor and the terminals with high voltage.

6. After the end of the wrapping, the machine stops functioning before it can be repaired.

7. During equipment adjustment and maintenance, we must firstly cut off the power supply.

8. After the end of the use, cut off the power, clean up the workplace.

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