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How to identify your stretch wrapping standards?

If you`re like most companies, when you decide to make a large equipment purchase (like a stretch wrapper) you go through a process.

Something else that you should have locked down before you start wrapping are your wrap standards. Having a stretch wrapping standard for each type of pallet load you will be wrapping is necessary to ensure consistent and effective stretch wrapping. A skilled operator should be able to develop wrap standards based on your machines capability, but themini stretch wrapper

First, your wrap standards should specify the correct containment force. Containment force requirements are key to effective stretch wrapping, so identifying your target containment force for each load type is critical.

Second, wrap standards should specify the load to pallet bond requirements. How are you going to secure the load to the pallet?

Lastly, your wrap standards should address requirements for eliminating long or dragging film tails. Long and dragging film tails can cause loss of containment force and load failure. So addressing this requirement in your wrap standard is a good best practice.

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